Generator Stands

Generac generator stands

Generator Stands

We build stands for the largest industrial applications right down to residential installations.

Featured here, we discuss our top selling residential generator stands.

Our Generac 16kw-22kw and Kohler 14kw-20kw stands feature very heavy duty construction.  

Slab Mounted Stands Feature -

Top support frames are 3" by 3" by 1/4" angle.  Secondary stabilizing frames on the 3' and 4' tall models are 2.5" by 2.5" by 1/4"  angle.  All models use 2.5" by 2.5" by 1/4" square tubular legs.  Each leg mounting pad is 3" by 7" by 1/4" with 2 holes each for 1/2" hold down hardware.  These stands come with a separate 18 gauge galvanized top sheet (not pictured) that sits between the generator and stand. 

Non slab, concrete footer stands feature -

Same features as slab mounted from the top down.  Legs extend an additional 18-24" (or as required) for the concrete footers.

Everything is fully MIG welded.  The fully welded, one piece construction, speeds the installation, makes these stand unbelievably sturdy and will give you and your customer absolute peace of mind.  

A painted finish is standard.  Paint can be deleted or upgraded to powder coat or galvanized finish.  Bare steel or painted stands are typically in stock but that can vary according to demand.  Powder coat or galvanized finishes are available but add a delay.

Priced from $400 plus shipping, you are hard pressed to find anything else that even comes close.  Pricing for the stands are as follows -

Sized for Generac 16-22kw or Kohler 14-20kw

1 foot stand $400    

2 foot stand $425          

3 foot stand $525             

4 foot stand $550

Contractors/Wholesalers/Resellers, Call For Your Pricing.

Note - bare steel or painted black, no charge.  Powder coat or galvanized, call for price.  Footer models, add $35.  Custom sizes, heights, options, are no problem. 


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